Square Dance is a form of dance that is popular in North America, Europe and many other countries of the world. In Germany there are over 400 clubs and that number is rising steadily. Fun and friendship are the most important features of Square Dance, competitions don't exist and public performances are a rare event.

Every one can take part

Square Dance is a dance form in which four couples form a square together from which they will dance. Dancers don't learn the entire dance, instead they learn individual figures that are then called to them by the caller. This means that every dance can be different. All Square Dance clubs in the world dance the same set of figures so that visitors from another club can immediately take part.

As a dance, Square Dance is suitable for all ages. Since it is a dance based on set figures many a person who has trouble with other dance forms will still be able to enjoy Square Dance. Since a graduated dancer can immediately take part in the dancing when he or she visits another club, friendship and visiting other clubs are important aspects of Square Dancing.

The history of Square Dance

The traditional Square Dance has its origin in the folk dances that European settlers took with them to North America. In time these dances were nearly forgotten. At the start of the 1930s the various figures of the folk dances were combined and each given a name. To ensure that everyone could take part, the Caller was also introduced.

Modern Square Dance which today is danced in North America, Europe and all over the World, contains a wealth of old and new figures. These figures can be combined in a near infinite number of combinations, making every dance a new challenge and ensuring that the dance will never become boring. This variety of combinations, which are danced not only to Country and Western music, are what is responsible for Square Dance's ever increasing popularity.

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