Is everybody there (ALLE MANN DA?), can we dance?

This was the central question we asked when we founded our club in 1997 and which helped us to determine our club-name. Our club has grown in the meantime and our name is well know even far outside the borders of Lower-Saxony.

Square Dance Club,
Stade e. V

Our club-caller with many years of Square Dance experience - Bryan D. Gill and his wife Birgit have played a substantial role in the build up of our club. Many new Square Dance classes helped us to find many new friends for our club. So, it may be, that you will also get infected by this virus - like many of our members - and that you absolutely want to learn Square Dance soon!

Friday - our Club-evening
Friday the 13
th an extraordinary day

We dance every Friday evening. Square dancers are a bit superstitious and when a Friday falls on the  13th it is a day of special luck for us. We take this as occasion to have a “Black Cat Clubnight”. The dance with the black cat is for us a day where friends from other Square Dance clubs visit us and we have a lot of fun dancing together.

Square Dance Courses

We offer new classes starting regularly in spring and autumn of a year. Beginner- and advanced dancer courses last 20 training evenings each. The participants learn in both class levels togethere the about 71 figures of the dance-program - called “Mainstream”. The  advanced dancer course is then finished with a graduation.

Square Dance is, compared with other leisure activities, a very low cost hobby.

After the Course

Everybody who has learned Square Dance, can become a member of our club and is also in the position to dance worldwide in almost every club, because the figures are taught everywhere the same

In the Hamburg - Bremen area are 60 and in whole Germany more than 400 Square Dance clubs. Beside the many “Dance Parties” and events, one has the opportunity to dance every day of the week.

Spectators are very much welcome to our club-evenings!

Get your own impression of this great hobby and get yourself informed and inspired at our next  ,,OPEN HOUSE”. They take place twice a year in spring and autumn. The exact dates are published in the local papers and of course on the
actual here on the internet.

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